iMagz v1.1 Premium Blogger Template New Version all Features Explained

iMagz v1.1 Premium Blogger Template New Version all Features Explained
Note: One important thing that I want to tell you is that I do not resell this blogger theme. If you want this theme, then you have to buy this theme officially from Jago Desain.

In today's article, we will tell you about a blogger theme; even though this theme is premium but no other theme can stand in front of this theme. If you can buy this theme officially, then You should not miss this Chance.

If you buy this theme officially, you will get an iMagz theme and 10+ landing pages. This is a great deal for blogger users, and there are so many features in this theme like Easy to customize, Drag and drop widget, Easy to change widget order, Responsive landing page. We will discuss all the features of this theme so let’s get started.


What is iMagz

iMagz is a premium blogger theme created by Jago Desain. This theme is fully responsive and SEO-friendly. If you buy this theme officially, you will get 2 versions of this theme iMagz + Landing Page and iMagz Standard.

What is the difference between iMagz + Landing Page and iMagz Standard? The only difference is that there is no landing page in the standard version for those who don't need the landing page.
Benefits of iMagz theme
There are a lot of benefits to be seen in this theme. If you are a blogger user, then you will love this theme because the UI Design of this theme will be liked by everyone. We will understand all the benefits of iMagz theme one by one.
  • If you buy any theme from Jago Desain, you will not have to buy the purchased theme again, and you will get updates of the theme for free.
  • This theme is currently for the Blogger platform, this theme is not available for WordPress, but Jago Desain said we will launch the WordPress version as soon as possible.
  • This template can be loaded with proper customization in less than 1 second (at standard connection speed in India).
  • Basically, you can use this theme for a maximum of 3 domains. This means that you can create 3 websites with this theme, And many more benefits.

List of Features in iMagz Theme

Now let me talk to you about the features of the iMagz theme. iMagz theme has many features. We will only discuss the important features.

If you want to see all the features of the iMagz theme, you can click on this link, and you will be redirected to the official website of the owner of this theme and see all features of the iMagz theme.

  •     Fully Responsive Theme.
  •     AdSense Friendly.
  •     Fast Loading.
  •     SEO Friendly.
  •     Easy Customization.
  •     Image with Caption
  •     Image with Grid Layout
  •     Image with Scroll Layout
  •     Manual Related Post
  •     Paragraph with Drop cap
  •     Table
  •     Manual Table of Content
  •     Lazy Youtube, Many More...


Theme Installation

How you can download the iMagz v1.1 blogger template, v1.1 is not available for free (BUY iMagz v1.1). If it becomes available, then we will add the download link in this section as soon as possible.

Now I am going to tell you how you can use this theme on your blogger Website. First of all, you have to buy this theme officially.

Note: You can only use this template in Blogger, not in another website-making platform like- WordPress, Wix Etc.
Median Ui Download and Theme Installation
iMagz v1.1 Download and Theme Installation

  •     Go to your blogger account
  •     Go to the theme section
  •     Click on the menu, and you will get the Restore button. Click on it.
  •     Find your theme file (.xml) and replace it with your Template.

Now, this article is finished, I would like to tell you that if I have missed any topic, then please talk in the comment, I will definitely write it soon as possible, and If there is any update in the iMagz theme, then I will write about that update as soon as possible.

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